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PlayStation 5
Oddworld: Soulstorm is looking good, hoping it's not an exclusive.
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So you can lie it down, but calculations based on the size of the disc drive suggest PS5 will be the biggest console yet. Bigger than the Series X, original PS3, original Xbox One, etc. Didn't really come across in the reveal, but it could be enormous!
Missed a couple of generations of PS exclusives, so relatively tempted by the PS5. If there are decent backwards-compatibility options then that would probably do the job. Though probably not a day 1 as I'm a bit more on PC now.
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DIRT 5 has got an October release date, PS5 and Xbox Series X versions will be releasing at a later date. It also has a career mode starring Troy Baker and Nolan North.
Latest PlayStation event just finished. Some pretty good stuff shown off, compared to Xbox at least.

Final Fantasy XVI and God of War are biggest take aways for me. Bit annoyed that the former is console exclusive, but since I'll probably end up with a PS5 at some point anyway, it's not too bad. Still Square/Sony can go f**k a duck for that Bullshit.

Price wise it's £450 for disc version and about £100 less for the all digital. Still no black console though. Seriously I know it sounds silly, but I won't get one until it's available in all black. Despite looking after my stuff very, very carefully, white electronics have the habit of getting discoloured.
I don’t like the white console either - or the console design in general, really - though think I’ll be getting a PS5 on day one. Demon’s Souls and Spider-Man: Miles Morales as launch titles has clinched it. Plus I might grab Avengers if the next-gen version is a big improvement, as much as I hate to support the BS Spider-Man exclusivity.

Think I’ll still get Series X on day one as well, though less excited about it with the lack of big launch titles TBH. That besting said, we still don’t know the complete launch line-up for either of them, so need to see those first.
Managed to pre-order a console for me and one for my brother from Amazon yesterday morning. Game pre-orders just going live now and it’s slightly horrifying to see Demon’s Souls weigh in at £65 for a standard edition with no extra bells and whistles.

Makes me appreciate Game Pass even more, considering it’d be available at no extra cost as a first-party Microsoft game.
I was playing Demon’s Souls earlier and thought that the 3D audio had broken. Sounds were coming from the wrong directions and it was throwing me off massively. Checked the in-game options, system audio options, reset the console, etc. and couldn’t figure it out.

Then a thought dawned on me... I felt the left ear cup for the wire and it wasn’t there, because I had them on the wrong way around!

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