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Aye, boring, I know, but I have to do it -

We want to keep this place friendly and as free from all the nasties that inhabit most corners of the web as possible. With that in mind, there's a few rules you need to adhere to while you're here. It's mostly common sense, to be honest, but here you go:

Anything deemed racist, sexist, or anything-other-ist will not be tolerated and will be deleted,  the poster will also be warned, suspended or banned as the admin or mod sees fit.

Remember there's no age restriction here. Keep that in mind when you're posting. Posting pornographic, vulgar or other distasteful, inappropriate and explicit images or content will result in me giving you a time out.

Try to contain your language as much as possible. I'm not adverse to swearing, as long as it's not directed at other people for the purposes of causing offense, but try to keep it in check.

Do not harass other users, including site staff or any of our contributors. If you disagree with anything you've read anywhere on Pass the Controller, please be constructive with your response to it. It is perfectly feasible to disagree with something without resorting to being rude. We welcome debate and understand sometimes that can lead to more heated discussion, but if it goes too far the staff will warn you to stop. If you can't do that, the thread will be closed.

Basically, just be sensible. Having a laugh is fine, but not at the expense of anyone else.

Lastly if you have an issue with the way a moderator has responded to anything, be it banning or warning or anything else, it isn't up for public discussion. You can contact us in person if you have something you need to say.

If you have any issues or problems your overlords are listed below and can be contacted via PM or email.

PTC Decent Jam
PTC Bezza
PTC Hetty
Slam Shot Sam
Xbox - captainhetty Friend Code 4141-6343-5085
PSN - captain_hetty Twitter - @PootPlaysGames
Instagram - emily_pootle

If you're reading our news articles regularly, you'll probably have noticed a new name popping up on some of the pieces, Sam Sant.

Sam - or Slam Shot Sam, as you know him - is going to be a new writer and contributor for the site. He's a talented writer, a dedicated gamer and as an owner of multiple gaming platforms, he has a lot to add to the site in terms of content for you all as well.

I'm still open to the prospect of new feature ideas from you guys and also if you've written anything or want to write anything and send it my way, I'm interested in that as well. I can't promise everything everyone sends me will end up published on site, but I really am interested in anything you've got that you think is good enough. You can send me ideas/pieces to
Xbox - captainhetty Friend Code 4141-6343-5085
PSN - captain_hetty Twitter - @PootPlaysGames
Instagram - emily_pootle

Behold your new exulted overseer, Max.
Xbox - captainhetty Friend Code 4141-6343-5085
PSN - captain_hetty Twitter - @PootPlaysGames
Instagram - emily_pootle

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