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Join Team PTC
Have you got a passion for gaming? (If not, what on Earth are you doing here?!) Do you fancy yourself a bit of a writer? Do you enjoy making videos in your spare time? At PTC we're looking for some new blood to join our ranks to help take the site to the next level.

Everyone at Pass the Controller is in it for the love, as we aren't a money-making scheme, so it's really only something to get involved with if you want to improve your skills, gain some experience, and maybe get a free game or two if you're lucky.

It doesn't matter what platform you prefer or how much experience you have necessarily, but I see this as an opportunity to do something different in a supportive environment where you can learn from our team in a constructive environment.

So if you are interested in making some videos for us, or writing reviews or news pieces, then get in touch with me directly at and write 50 words telling me why you'd like to get involved and what sort of time you can commit to us.

Thanks very much everyone and hope you enjoyed our E3 coverage.
Decent Jam

Pass the Controller
GT: Decent Jam
I'm incredibly proud of what you have made of this site. When I thought of the idea it was a Hail Mary to give everyone a place to congregate once oxm died. What it's become is so much more, it is magnificent. I'm glad I walked away, it was the best move for everyone and you have thrived. Amazing work.

Warmest Regards, Steve.
Hey Steve, it’s good to hear from you!

Thanks for the kind message and glad to know you’re pleased with how things turned out.

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