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Xbox One X
I got one on amazon too... mostly for my backlog of games - including a witcher 3 in depth play rather than my somewhat rushed one.

Will trade in my current one for some cost recuperating.

Ive noticed some talk online about lack of exclusives and whats the point, the point is this is for people who want more power at a good price compared to pc. Sure theres a lack of xbox exclusives but spring 2018 is jam packed with them - what exactly do playstation have coming this year that warrants all this?

Wolfenstein and Shadow of War are my picks, along with AC Origins.

Anyway, glad they went with scorpio. Fingers crossed for a bacon grill at some point?
...and if you tell that to the kids of today, they wont believe you!
So, perhaps an obvious question, but I presume the One X will not have separate games as it were, you'll just buy say Forza 7 on standard Xbox One disk and it will be shinier on the Scorpio by default?
Think it downloads different assets. Ie put disc in on a normal it downloads/installs bog standard, put game on an x an it does the 4k stuff
...and if you tell that to the kids of today, they wont believe you!
Yeah, the game case will apparently say "Xbox One X enhanced" and the content on the disc will be the standard Xbox One version, it'll then automatically download the better assets if you put it in an X.
It's mostly just a 4K upgrade, right? Seeing as I don't own a 4K TV, I'd be interested in seeing how many games will be getting a framerate/performance boost. If it fixes things like the screen tearing in Ghost Recon Wildlands I'd be a lot more tempted to get one.
In many cases it doesn't just bump the resolution up to 4K, it replaces assets within the game, so you should get more detailed base models that stand up to being displayed at a higher resolution. If you don't have a 4K TV you'll still benefit from this, just not as much - you will entirely miss out on HDR, however.

You should see higher framerates and better performance as well (less pop-in, farther draw distances, etc.) where the developers choose to implement that. There are plenty of games that both run and look better than on base hardware on the PS4 Pro, and the difference should be more significant with the jump from One to One X.

We should also start to see more customisation options, for example several games on the Pro offer a choice between 1080p/60FPS and 4K/30FPS.
I'll probably see about getting a 4k tv in October sometime, current one is probably around 10yrs now so getting on a bit (still looks ok, but newer games huds dont fit so well onto it lol)
Well I've pre-ordered the Project Scorpio edition as they weren't selling out over here, but I'll see how I feel closer to release day as to whether I'll keep it.
Okami HD is coming to Xbox One, PS4 and PC this December.
Had my Project Scorpio edition pre-order on cancelled. Anyone else? Little annoyed to be honest.

On a side note: Very excited for Okami HD. Fantastic game.

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