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Xbox One X
It looks like we'll be able to gift games to friends on Xbox One soon.
Just got home from work and turned the Xbox on to find it going all sorts of bonkers; a little research uncovered it's because an update failed while it was left in instant on mode and I have to do a full factory reset. The solution could have been worse, but an update really shouldn't fail when nobody's been anywhere near the console all day.
My xbox failed an update a few months back, would even let me access the title screen. After buying a couple (one was too small lol) of USBs to do a manual update, which didn't work it turned out there's 'soft' factory reset that keeps your games and such saved onto it. More of a defrag I guess.
Killing Floor 2 is coming to Xbox One next month, with support for Xbox One X at launch.
Same just happend to me as did Sam. Full reset required. Annoying! Then again, this is Microsoft so perhaps not unsurprising its a bit crap.
With the half year delay to Crackdown, I am definitely thinking there is very little point in buying the Xbox One X at launch. Cuphead will no doubt be delayed again and Forza not really my kind of game.
Without any obvious exclusives I will prob buy early next year instead. Assuming the console isnt delayed either! Hopefully get some news at Gamescom.
I'm buying the X more for the games I already have than any new ones. Most games will get a passive performance boost, and then others will get patches to really exploit the superior hardware. Also my launch console is getting a bit finicky lately and making an odd clicking noise, so replacing it with a shiny new (presumably) quieter console is a bonus.

The rumour is pre-orders for the X will open right after Gamescom on Sunday.
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I've just pre-ordered from and managed to snag it for £360! I found a code online and got it on a 12 month buy now pay later deal too so I'm over the moon!
[Image: crippy%20d.jpg]
That's a nice saving!

Major Nelson has updated the list of games currently confirmed to be getting enhancements.
Hey Crippy - now that is a good deal! 450 from Amazon for me.

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