The Surge
played the first hour and have enjoyed it so far
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Entered the third zone and am a little bored of dying now! Those war machine feckers being particularly irksome. Prob leave for now and revisit in a few weeks.
Solid if unspectacular 6 or 7 out of ten. Too many irritations such as healing not working for no apparent reason and a dubious camera. After Lords of the Fallen, definitely an improvement.
The free Fire and Ice Weapon Pack is available to download at your leisure.
[Image: MQE3xPD.png]
A Walk in the Park expansion now available.
Yet another game I need to revisit. Have grabbed the DLC although may be a week or three before get to play it.
I finished the DLC yesterday after getting it for review last week. Definitely worth a purchase.
A sequel has been announced, coming 2019.
I got the complete edition cheap off Amazon last week but haven't had the chance to start it yet. If it's good I'll be all over the sequel.
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Wild West themed DLC coming to consoles and PC next month.
A new trailer for The Surge 2 focuses on combat.
[Image: MQE3xPD.png]

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