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New Xbox Gamer
Evening everybody,

I've finally said farewell to the PS3, and with no third party support on Wii U thought it time to venture forth into this current gen of machines. I've been Nintendo and PlayStation forever (and Sega of course) so thought it about time I tried Microsoft's box. I got GTA V, Gears Ultimate and Rare Replay bundled in - what else do you fine folks suggest I play?
I'm really keen to play online with the community here, what titles are people playing at the moment and what are your gamertags? Mine is bobhaltz.

Welcome to the true master race.

World of Tanks, Smite (Obviously the two essentials and both free), Forza 6/Horizon 2 are great racers (depends whether you like track or off roading more), then there's Halo 5 and MCC which we play from time to time (unless you're Timmeh in which case it's all the time), GTA V is always a a laugh. Currently the Division's pretty popular though I haven't bothered.
I'd recommend EA Access - you can pick a 12 month membership code up for ~£20 online, which will grant you full access to the following games for the duration:

NHL '16
NHL '15
Madden '16
Madden '15
Madden 25
Battlefield 4
Battlefield Hardline
Dragon Age: Inquisition
FIFA '15
FIFA '14
Plants vs. Zombies
Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare
Need for Speed: Rivals
NBA Live '15
Peggle 2

You'll also get 10 hours unrestricted access to the following games:

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2
Star Wars Battlefront
Need for Speed
NBA Live '16
FIFA '16
Rory McIlroy PGA Tour

In addition, you get 10% off any EA content in the store, and a week of early access to all EA releases. Not bad at all for ~£20!

I've sent you a friend request.
The preview of Ark Survival Evolved is a fantastic PvPvE survival game - or a fantastic, adult version of Minecraft with dinosaurs if you play in a private server with friends!

If beat em ups are your thing, then Killer Instinct is a great game, and I may be in the minority here but WWE 2K16 is fantastic as well!

GTA V is an absolute blast, but get yourself a book or something to read during the looooong loading screens if you play it online!
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Neverwinter is a great free-to-play as well.

Not on Live much any more (I defected to the dark side) but I've added you anyway!
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Ark, Halo 5, would be my two highly recommended games
I'll add you too. My GT is l1am5, everyone else feel free to add me also. I'm mostly on Battlefront and Halo 5 at the moment for multiplayer, and occasionally FIFA.

Working my way through Darksiders II and Fallout 4 on the single player front.
They've already been mentioned, but I'll throw my in recommendation for Halo 5 and Forza for online. I could always do with another KI punching bag too. Wink

Titanfall is a good call if you decide to grab EA Access and next month GwG Sunset Overdrive has a pretty good multiplayer mode, I could definitely be tempted into the latter again.

On the single player side of things, if you're after the exclusives, then I couldn't rate Ori and the Blind Forest highly enough.
All of the above. Dead Rising 3 is fantastic but there's a chance it'll be a GWG title at some point.
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Master Chief collection (even 5, it's good) but don't forget backwards compatible Halo Reach or Fable 2, assuming you didn't play them previously, damn fine games.

I've just finished Rise of the Tomb Raider, give that a go too, it's brilliant, though overstays its welcome.

I know they're more single player but thought I'd give them a shout.
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