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This War of Mine: The Little Ones
Anybody grab this - its a survival strategy game set during war where you must keep your community going by scavenging for resources, crafting items, weapons and furniture and managing your communities emotions!

To me the community element is very similar to State of Decay - for example on a scavenging mission I ran into other survivors and clubbed them to death with a crowbar rather than share resources and when I returned to base my character was depressed and other community members disliked her for being a murderer.

The style of the game is good as well, it has a sort of stylised pencil effect, which you can make harsher or softer as you wish which works well with the side-on, 2.5d graphics (the base element is very similar to Xcoms base development, with the 2d tiered approach)

I havnt managed to get anymore people to join my community yet though, not sure exactly how to do it but I'm sure killing everyone I come into contact with isn't helping!
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I played a bit of on on PC, it's tough - both gameplay wise and mentally lol
I had a little go of this and realised straight away it was gunna require time and patience, I didn't read much in to it before it was released and was just expecting to be a constant side-scroller like Limbo but I can see it being a good game for someone who's got the time/patience and know what they are doing.
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