Ni No Kuni II
So, I'm a bit excited about this. I loved the first one, it was so well done and the story and characters were brilliant.

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New trailer from PSX.

I'm very excited. Big Grin
I quite like No No Kini's art, characters and voice acting (which is saying something, as I pretty much universally hate that stuff in JRPGs), but the gameplay and structure still let the original down for me.
Big Grin
Good news for those interested in playing it if true. Wonder why they're only planning a physical release in the UK?
Physical surely costs far more for the company, do we have some weird tax laws for gaming?

Also watching that trailer, 'the king of ding dong dell' - were they drunk when they wrote that? xD
Obviously I didn't play the first one, but this looks quite fun.
First the worst migraine I've had this year, then getting piss wet through by the rain walking back from work, now this.

Fuck you Thursday, fuck you.

Maybe don't get excited in the future Cameron. Oh well, you've still got the PS4. Cry

Really enjoyed the first Rodent, minus the grind going for the platinum. Granted, that was my own doing.
RIP. Oh well, saves some money Tongue
Colour me not surprised, JRPGs simply aren't turning up on the One. Downside is I'm going to see the same three people turn up in Facebook posts begging for a version for the One.
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