Anyone remember Onimusha....well seems Koei Tecmo do and a game called Nioh will be making its way to the West for PS4 featuring a Gaijin called William, who reminds me of Arthur from Soul Calibur for some reason. Anyone interested.

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Downloading the alpha for this now. Apparently it's a bit like Dark Souls, which is precisely why.
Played half an hour and decided it isn't for me. It's basically Ninja Gaiden-like combat grounded in wider Dark Souls mechanics. If I wanted more Dark Souls, I'd just replay one of them and have a better time.
This is weird, Gave it a go there and's definitely inspired by dark souls but feels very very very rough around the edges.

Controls felt a little unresponsive, doesn't seem to be riposte system, the main character looks exactly how Geralt looks in his flashbacks to Kaer Morhen in Witcher 3, his run animation is janky as hell, seriously A dodgy run animation can kill a game dead for me and this animation looks like it wasn't motion captured.

It does have that sense of loss that dark souls has, I was very protective of my amirita(souls), it seems unjustifiably difficult. Dying to the first enemy can happen in dark souls of course but after levelling up and aquiring better gear those enemies become fodder as they die to one sword swing etc. The enemies here seem to constantly be a threat despite my better gear and levelled up Geralt lookalike.

Reduced an enemies stamina to nothing and as he gained his breath I was able to perform the equivalent of a backstab attack using strong attack. I like that you have to reduce the stamina before being able to perform more deadly moves, It can be a little too easy to just run around and backstab enemies in dark souls.

Can't say I'm terribly excited for it... I think I've overdosed on dark souls and bloodborne the past few months and facing another game like those with new learning curves etc seems like more of a chore right now
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Just played the final demo; while I can appreciate it more now it's had further time in the oven, I'm still left thinking of it as a poor man's Souls game that I can easily pass up.

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