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I wasn't impressed with the alpha so I didn't bother re-downloading it for the beta.

I thought the campaign looked fun but the multiplayer was pretty poor.
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(04-03-2016, 09:40 PM)PTC Crisco Wrote: I wasn't impressed with the alpha so I didn't bother re-downloading it for the beta.

I thought the campaign looked fun but the multiplayer was pretty poor.

Same here. I just ran around aimlessly hoping someone would enter my line of sight, but mostly they seemed to conveniently be behind me and able to shoot me in the back. I lasted about half an hour and then deleted it.

I'll wait and see what the single player is like before I consider buying it.
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I've been playing the open beta all day, and am loving it. It really reminds me of Quake 3 and Unreal Tournament on the Dreamcast, two of my favourite shooters as a kid. Hopefully the single player will add in Doom 1 and 2s style to the mix, but I'm sold on the multiplayer from what I've played - easy to pick up and play, arcade-like fun.
I've played a bit and so far can't make my mind up about it. not sure if it is really good or really bad. it does feel kinda soul less to me, kinda something missing. that could be not having played the single player though. tough to say for me.
I really liked it. Took me a while to get used to the lack of sprint, regenerating health or the need to reload, but once I did I thought it was some decent multiplayer. 

It needs a bit more ambient noise in the background though as it was too silent at times, like Rob mentioned in his feature it'd be good to hear some of the heavy metal stuff or any sort of soundtrack in the matches.

I've now gone from mildly interested to considering a day one purchase.
I've played some more and am enjoying it a bit more now. agree some ambient noise would be nice. I also find I can run around a map for like a minute and not see anyone on the opposite team which is weird
I noticed that too, mostly on Team Deathmatch as the moving capture point on the other mode helped bring all the players together. Also no mini map made it a bit harder to find people on TDM.
definitely has its issues but with a few tweaks it has potential to be great. played lots of this and now really liking it. looking forward to release.
Gamespot been streaming single player snippets with the Devs and the single player definitely looks better than multiplayer.

The story will be told through the environment and through in game pick ups, data pads etc.

It looks challenging, loads of movement and enemies seem relentless. I wonder how generous the checkpoint system will be, I think being too generous would kind of kill the level of intensity. I like that feeling knowing I have to beat this wave of enemies/boss etc or its all the way back to the last checkpoint.

A cool feature has Doom soldier helmets being visible in the world where other players have died. Stolen from dark souls clearly.

I'm torn between preordering this or Homefront the revolution now.
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If it helps I thought the Homefront beta was crap, at least Doom has pedigree xD

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