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The New Xbox One Experience
Has anyone opted in for this? I'm not sure if we're under NDA so I don't know what I can say about it.

If there is an NDA this will be a pointless thread.
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I chose not to go for it after reading it can cause problems. When one of my jobs (two if you count PTC as a job) relies on me being able to play Xbox, I thought it best not to risk it.

I've seen YouTube footage of it and the fact it's there and hasn't been nuked suggests to me there isn't an NDA, but I don't know for sure.
I'm guessing if there's no NDA with the preview program there won't be with this.

I only read about the problems after enrolling (and to opt out means a factory restore of your console) or I probably wouldn't have.

It looks good although some things aren't where I think they should be. I'm sure I'll find them.
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I've opted in, what problems are there? I transferred all my games to an external hdd after reading it might wipe the internal one, but are you saying you might not be able to play games? I'm barely online anyway so perhaps it wont matter ha!
...and if you tell that to the kids of today, they wont believe you!
There was a big ol' list of potential problems. Certain games not playing or apps not working, freezes and crashes. I've not had any problems but it's early days yet.
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Since he knows what he's talking about, we've had Crisco write us a little piece on this, for those who are curious.
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I opted in a few weeks ago but am yet to get the update, I heard they are drip feeding it out.

One question, you say IE has been replaced by Edge, have you tried any movie streaming sites to make sure they still work on the one? Im not talking Netflix either, things like (free) As they all work perfectly with IE on Xbox One
(10-05-2015, 06:58 AM)PTC Decent Jam Wrote: Since he knows what he's talking about, we've had Crisco write us a little piece on this, for those who are curious.

Very informative piece. When does this role out for everyone else who isn't in the program? I'm only fifteen days away from my ONE arriving and while i'm guessing the current dash isn't terrrible, this sounds like a worthwhile update.
Despite the known issues, I'm disappointed not to have got the NXOE yet. Opted in as soon as I could, and have a reasonable preview feedback score (or whatever they want to call it) but yet to get offered the update. Soon, I hope!
Glad you're liking it, Crisco. The updates sound like they're for the better, though I'm sure it'll take some time to get used to snapping to the left..

@Liam - It' still very much in preview right now. To get in, you need to be invited, which anyone already in can request on your behalf. They reckon they're pretty full right now, so have been restricting what used to be a fairly open-door policy, and the roll-out of this particular update is being particularly slowly drip-fed to those who have opted in (cue lots of gnashing of teeth in the preview forums - it ain't pretty). As a new XO user, I'd probably have to recommend you wait for the final release anyway. I can't see it being in general release until at least November, if not December.
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It's scheduled for general release in November along with the first wave of backwards compatibility titles, so not too long to wait.

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