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I'll miss you nemesis. Sad
Take care of yourself and if you ever do decide to come back we will be here, unless bacon gains sentience and decides to take its rightful place as our overlords.

All the best for the future.
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I've already said what I wanted to in private, but I'll miss you (not going to lie, literally trying not to cry right now), and I totally understand why you have to do this. Your health, well being and your life have to come first and there's absolutely no shame in that.

If you ever feel you can return, we'll always be here.
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Hope you get healthy and I'm sure we'll all miss you. Good luck with getting better.
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Oh Cunning. Sad I was so happy to see you here. You were genuinely one of the best, nicest and kindest peeps on OXM or anywhere online.

However, I totally get the depression thing. I don't have the same issue with online activity becoming an addiction, but I get where you're coming from, and FAIR PLAY for having the strength to give it up.

We will always be here, and you'll never be forgotten, no matter how long you're gone. *massive hugs*
Aw man, sorry to see you go Cunning, you're a cool dude. Hope to catch you when you get back.

Good luck with everything.
Oh man. That's not good. I suffered from depression for nearly two years so know what it's like. I really hope you feel better soon and look forward to your return to the virtual world we all inhabit these days.
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Understand the reasoning, Cunning. Take care of yourself and hope to see you online again in time.
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Dayum Cunning, and I'd only just met you as well! Take it easy mate, I'm sure the place won't be the same without you but we'll soldier on.

Currently playing :  all teh games, not Evolve though, good god no

Cheers Rodent for the correction! Wink
I know how hard depression can be Cunning and while it may feel like hell now, one day it will get better.

I'll miss you mate, we all will and I hope that one day, you'll come back and join us again. Take care of yourself, we'll be here when you need us.
Depression and addiction are rough. Often they come as a couple. Wishing you all the best, Cunning.
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