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Staff changes
Hi everyone,

It's no secret we are a small site and have only a few people creating content for the site, and the time has come to get a few more hands on board.

We want a combination of passion for gaming and writing skills, and so, naturally, we wanted to let all of you guys know about it.

I'll post the link to the job posting below, but if you'd like to know more please directly message me.

The job will close next Friday (18 September) so take a look sharpish.
Decent Jam

Pass the Controller
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Saw this on Facebook and dropped an application in for you to read and probably throw away! Wink If it doesn't get chucked out immediately though , I'd quite like to write stuff! Got quite a bit of free time so putting out content isn't an issue. That's assuming you like what I write of course.....
Well obviously I'd like to help with the site and stuff but given that I work full time so am busy during the day and I'm to addicted to videogames to write about video games every night it's probably not worth me applying.
You may as well have a punt, you never know.
Your review of Payday 2 was good. You should go for it if you think you could find the time.
[Image: MQE3xPD.png]
Go for it, Rodent. I think it actually works better having people available at different times of the day, especially if there are users in different time zones. Your writing is really quite good.
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weekend staff? Wink
If you think it's worth your time, I'd definitely go for it Rodent.

On a side note: If you need a helping hand with news and the like, I don't do much on Wednesday or the weekends and by 'much' I really mean f*** all.
(09-11-2015, 04:41 PM)Metalrodent Wrote: weekend staff? Wink

Could be a thing. I work all weekend, so...

In fact, I just got home from there now, so I'm gonna bugger off and have some tea.
Do you guys need any design work done? Graphic designer here Smile
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