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What are you listening to?
Some nice suggestions, cheers! The only one I'd already heard of was Sigor Ros. Deafheaven are little bit too heavy for my tastes but I can get down with the rest.

Them The Sky have a sort of Dot Hacker feel to them.
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I haven't posted here for ages, have acquired a few new albums since so here we go:

Billy Talent Afraid of Heights, which is very good. I'd say it has a harder sound their their last couple but the catchy riffs and choruses are all still there, there being numerous songs on it I would easily say as being some of their best (The last four being super excellent - Afraid of heights reprise has been in my head for ages lol). Cam with a completely pointless bonus disk of demos that sound the same lol.

Alcest Kodoma, after many fans were horrified at the lack of metal on the excellent Shelter they return to their traditional sound (albeit with a softer and more organic tone). It's much like a typical Alcest release, melodic and dreamy blackened shoegaze - and as such brilliant lol. Has some Oriental influences to its sound, with the album being loosely inspired by Princess Mononoke (which the cover makes clear).

Fallujah Dreamless, very modern and professional sounding technical death metal, with a good mix of pummelling verses and ambient instrumental/melodic sections. A bit too polished for some 'true' metal fans but I think it's a great example of modern metal.

Gojira Magma, doesn't quite match up to the power of 2012s L'Enfant but still a very decent album, moves away from their tech death metal sound a bit more but still a suitably pounding album, Silvera and Stranded are probably the highlights.

Kataonia The Fall of Hearts, more songs of melancholic beauty from the Swedish master of misery. A good typical (for their sound) mix of metal and retro sounds, this album has some really good groovy verses to it, and with Jonas' fragile voice still being perfect for the catchy choruses he's so good at.

and lastly (phew)
Germ Escape, yet more miserable yet ultra catchy depressive black metal from this one man act. Tim's piercing screams are still completely (and I mean completely) impossible to understand but it still goes well with the textured and somewhat bouncy music underneath. The clean vocals could definitely do with being pushed up in the mix, but otherwise this is another great Germ album.
I got myself a greatest hits of Black Sabbath a few weeks ago and I'm really enjoying it. I've not heard much Sabbath before (even though I'm 41 and into rock) but it is a great album with some exceptional songs on it and also I got my geek on the first time I heard Iron Man as I recognised it from the film of the same name.
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Went to see Bryan Adams in Liverpool earlier after getting a free ticket, although I don’t listen to him so don’t know his music beyond the most obvious stuff. It started great for me as he banged out his biggest hits accompanied by energetic videos on a mahoosive screen, then declined as the stage went dark and mood-lightly whilst progressing to a slew of stuff I’d never even heard before. None of it was bad by any means and he seemed like a genuine, funny guy that bothered to interact with the audience, buuut I’m not sure it was a revelation that’ll make me start listening to his stuff.
Funnily enough I grabbed a cheap best of of his yesterday, I mean it's pretty safe rocky pop stuff but he's entertaining and even the ballads seemed pretty catchy.

Also his last massive hit was like 1998 thereabout? tbf it is only natural he'd have some material you don't know in the 20years since lol.

If you get a free ticket to him at brighton send it my way Wink

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