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Rate the last game you played
(03-18-2015, 12:36 AM)Crisco Wrote:
(03-17-2015, 09:53 PM)Jamie Wrote: The Walking Dead Season 1, Telltale games..
+ Brilliant Storytelling, choices affecting gameplay
- I cri erryteim.

The second one is equally as good too, in my onion. I would recommend both.

Yeah I'm playing it right now actually, only reason I didn't mention it Tongue

Played for an hour last night, probably not the best after an intense leg session at the gym XD Still as good as it was, if not better. All I need to do know is get Hetty to join in with me for some MP, which I know shes dying to do Tongue
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You forgot the rating! xD

I presume that the score will be based entirely on whether or not Hetty completely trashes you at it.
Infiltrated the Sony camp over the weekend & played 'Helldivers' over a mates. Shame it's a PS exclusive (at the moment anyway), hoping it might make it's way on to XB1 eventually - worth a look for those on here with both consoles.

Great fun in co-op, particularly with the friendly fire hilarity (Sam's review was pretty good). Bonus points for the obvious 'Starship Troopers' influence, had the following gif handy for those times when your left with "little option" other than to gun down your buddy as he fruitlessly attempts to escape from a bug horde...

[Image: do-the-same.gif]
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It's published by Sony, so not much chance of it coming to Xbox.
(03-19-2015, 10:21 AM)Slam Shot Sam Wrote: It's published by Sony, so not much chance of it coming to Xbox.

Damn Dodgy ...didn't realise that until I looked at the Arrowhead website, exclusivity sucks sometimes! Although they do specifically mention it in the Q&A section;

"Will Helldivers be released on PC or Xbox?
There are no plans for other platforms right now, but we will keep you updated if there are any news."

Still unlikely I guess, but one can hope?
GT: HugeHypnoToad
Dead or Alive 5 Last Round 8/10 PS3

Having been a faithful player since the original, this is one of the few franchises that have lasted this long that I can claim to have played near every version and variant that has come along (only the Dreamcast version of 2 has eluded me) and I really really enjoy it. I love the fact that with proper timing you can cut off an opponent's combo. I am no genius at fighting games, but if I can get a character's counters down I can still be a credible threat. Most of all I love the story. I love that this fighting game bothers with a chain of events that carry on into other games. For example, Nyotengu is here specifically to take revenge on Ryu Hayabusa for slaying Bankotsubo in the second game. So what's new, in addition to the three characters they added to Ultimate. Marie Rose, Phase 4 and Nyotengu we now have two new fighters. Honoka, a school girl with a literal red right hand and Raidou, Ayane's father reborn as a cyborg. Both characters are ditto fighters. But rather than characters like Mokujin or Edge Master who change fighting styles each round or match, these two have various moves from other fighters incorporated into their move lists meaning that although they don't have many original moves they play relatively fresh because of the unique combinations.

So I clearly love it but it doesn't score higher because it is still the same game as before with a couple of new characters in it. The story doesn't advance, so if you have bought previous editions there isn't a lot to recommend. Also the number of costumes available has become insane. Yeah they aren't mandatory or anything but I do think Koei Tecmo have gone a bit overkill on the DLC. I've got no problem with naughty nurse or sexy santa costumes or the rest of it, but when you have basically covered just about every available fetish but then explode at the possibility of your PC customers developing a nude mod. You're being kinda hypocritical. That said the casual costumes do look really great and I might be convinced to drop cash on them.
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I'd probably also give it an 8, I might consider a 7 but I have to take into account the fact that I am plain bad at fighters - not the games fault.

Not too much I can add to what you said. Story mode is kinda light, and bugs me that not only did poor Hitomi lose the final, but it then becomes completely irrelevant anyway. 6 should really have a proper fleshed out short story for each character. The new characters are pretty nice, Marie Rose is adorable.

I have it on the One, and it looks petty good - some of the background textures are pretty ugly though and character clipping shouldn't really happen anymore nowadays. Also it bugs me that they've made an effort to give the English voices an accent... sometimes. Some of the characters have accents, or hints of one at least while others have typical American accents, despite their bio clearly saying otherwise.

Also, for something described as being the ultimate collection there sure are a hellovalot of dlc stuff, though as you say some of it does look quite nice (could be a bit cheaper though).
Marie Rose is adorable, interestingly she is a bit of a take that at Sweden. They banned DoA Dimensions there because it could have been considered child pornography. So Marie Rose's youthful appearance is a bit of a dig at that. Pair her up with Honoka in tag mode for the ultimate adorable victory pose.

The game is getting Senran Kagura costumes, these will be destructible on the PS4/One.
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Every time Rei smiles God kills a kitten.
Lmao that's pretty funny. But again they'll be paid DLC, again for the supposed 'final' and 'ultimate' version we paid for.

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