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Rare Replay
Think I might pop along to games shop tonight and make a purchase, your all enjoying it then?
It's good fun, worth an investment I'd say. It's well put together and there's tonnes of content on there.
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Picked it up on my way back from graft, £16.97 from tesco extra. Would be rude not to really, few downloads to do, thank god for fibre!
Sorry for the double post but thought I would give my impressions. First off the intro movie is fantastic, just like the presentation in general. worth the entry fee alone! First up was jetpac, I started gaming on the NES and Master System so was new to me. Surprisingly good, fun, addictive gameplay. Next up was Banjo, which really needs no introduction to anyone on here. Only other game I have played is Perfect Dark Zero, which brings me onto my last point. Being a stoner, I hadn't enabled cloud saves on my 360. So I turned the 360 on and copied all my saves to the cloud so I can use them on the ONE with Replay. Now they all work perfectly, numerous stamps etc popped up.....All except Perfect Dark Zero. On the Replay screen it says I am 99% complete, load up the game and I can only play the first level co-op and 1player. Switch it on on the 360 and I have all levels.....Cloud save is working as it pops up when game is loaded.....Anyone else had any similar problems? I have tried clearing the cache on both consoles etc, tried re-copying the save to the cloud. Even loading up a game on 360, playing a bit, saving it, and then using that save on the cloud.....but nothing Sad I absolutely LOVE zero, but its a damn hard game and I want all my levels back Sad Hope someone can help!
Started Banjo Kazooie, not far in but it's quite fun so far. feels very Mario 64 like
I've almost finished it now. It is similar to Mario but I definitely prefer it, so much British humour that works really well. I think I still prefer the second game though so definitely give that some time.
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Not had a reply about backwards compatability issues with cloud saves??? Anybody??
I don't have any saves to transfer over, or I'd try myself and get back to you. Sorry!

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