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PlayStation Vita & TV
Just bought a PlayStation TV today. It has a few problems, limited game compatibility and a lack of third party video apps being the biggest, but I'm quite happy with it. Granted I already had a spare DualShock 3 and 8GB Vita memory card, so my only outlay was the £45 for the console.

So now I can play Persona 4 Golden and Tales of Hearts R upscaled to 720p/1080i on my TV without being hampered by the Vita's shitty battery life. Big Grin
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I have one and it only ever gets used for the odd session of cross-buy games like Spelunky. Bought it for streaming PS4 gameplay to other rooms, but the feature simply doesn't work. As somebody without a Vita, there aren't even any compatible exclusives that interest me to play on the thing - I don't like JRPGs, so I'm basically out of luck. Where are the likes of Gravity Rush and Uncharted?
Yeah, the Vita library is very JRPG-heavy. At least the games the PS TV can run look fantastic. I bought Muramasa Rebirth (not a JRPG, more a 2D hack-and-slash with mild RPG elements) and that looks f-ing gorgeous on a 40" screen.

Frankly, I think the PS4 to PS TV streaming is redundant. Why connect your PS4 to one TV and use the PS TV to play the games with massive input lag and in 720p on another? Makes Sony and its fanboys look particularly hypocritical for screaming 1080p in everyone's face all the time, doesn't it?

Cross Buy is one thing Sony has done really well, and I'll never stop singing its praises. I got the Sly Cooper Trilogy and Sly Cooper Thieves in Time on Vita for free and downloading Street Fighter X Tekken on Vita with PS Plus gave me the twelve extra characters and half of the costumes in the PS3 version for free.
GameFAQs users are 80% trolls and 19% stupid. - hyjinx17
Three copies of the newly-released Oceanhorn Vita port up for grabs in this week's giveaway!
Secret of Mana is being remade for the Vita, PS4 and Steam.
Yet another game I'll see the same three people bemoaning the lack of a Xbox port.
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