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The Indefinite E3 Thread for Every Year Forever and Ever
So E3 is coming up in just under a month, so I thought it was about time we had somewhere to natter about it, plus I'm just about to put a news story up which covers the press conference timings and I thought it would be nice if I but it up here for you all (handily edited with UK timings, naturally).

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What's everyone most excited about hearing about?
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Looking forward to hopefully more news on the new Fire Emblem and Illusory Revelations#FE and an announcement from Squeenix on the release of Bravely Second in the West.
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Fallout 4 for me. There's loads of other games I'm excited about, and some new ones will be revealed most likely, but Fallout 4.
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Fallout 4.

And some more info on Kingdom Hearts 3 wouldn't go amiss, either.
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I hope fallout 4 but Im not expecting it at all. Half life needs to appear, portal, left 4 dead. Even if they're remasters and not 3.

Most of all though, cheeky red dead reveal.
...and if you tell that to the kids of today, they wont believe you!
I want the typical 'something new we haven't seen before' but i expect there'll only be a scattering of new IP, with most of the stuff focusing on sequels. Be interesting to see how Ubi/EA will go at this one as i don't know much about anything new from them except their yearly iterations and The Division & Battlefront. Maybe EA will bring some ME to the table - but will that detract from Battlefront - a game which i expect will nail the sales records this year?

I think Fallout 4 is pretty much nailed on for a reveal at some point this year but i think the transition to this gen could be interesting for Bethesda, combat has always been a weak spot in their games for me - more so in TES than Fallout but either way, a lot of games have come out since FO3/Skyrim and the fighting feels incredibly dated so it'll be interesting to see how they bring that up to date.

Stuff like FO4, RDR etc don't really excite me for E3 i guess because i know they're coming anyway - i mean when i get them i'll be excited, but it's a bit like getting that awesome xmas gift you already knew you were getting? Still really grateful but the surprise isn't there? Something from left field like an Onimusha reboot, a modern version of Fever Pitch Soccer or just something we weren't expecting like Portal 3 (yep, shit off half life fans, I want portal first).

Any new Persona info obviously welcomed, along with the stuff Kai mentioned. Am actually looking forward to Nintendos conference a fair bit.

Is it too much to hope that EA has done another deal for Star Wars too and we have a KOTOR 3 on the way, or even remastered versions of the originals as a prelude? I would lose my shit for either of them tbh despite my general apathy towards remakes.
Info on Fallout 4 definitely but news on a sequel to Sleeping Dogs or Dragons Dogma (are Capcom appearing this year?) would be cool. Plus my continuing obsession with Wolfenstein demands news on its sophomore offering although probably too soon for a follow-up.
TBH more bothered about new IP although Xbox One version of The Orange Box would be appreciated in lieu of continuing silence on the Half Life threequel. And definitely a second vote for Portal 3.
Anything on the Crackdown and Mirrors Edge reboots and Tomb Raider game footage as well.
Pretty sure EA did a deal with Disney and have the rights to a lot of SW games - Bioware and Visceral are working on Star Wars games, so expect KotoR perhaps? I think Visceral might be doing the 1313 style game.

Doubt any of them will be at E3, it's all about Battlefront SW wise.
...and if you tell that to the kids of today, they wont believe you!
(05-24-2015, 08:28 AM)MrkDhn10 Wrote: news on a sequel to Sleeping Dogs or Dragons Dogma (are Capcom appearing this year?) would be cool.

The next thing Dragon's Dogma wise is a PS4 exclusive MMO called Dragon's Dogma Online. I still need to get back to the original; I stopped playing when they announced Dark Arisen and after buying that version never ended up jumping in.

I loved Sleeping Dogs, so I'd like to see a sequel revealed at the Square Enix conference as well.

(05-24-2015, 08:28 AM)MrkDhn10 Wrote: Anything on the Crackdown and Mirrors Edge reboots and Tomb Raider game footage as well.

I'd like to see all of those as well - good picks.

Having never played Fallout the prospect of a fourth doesn't really excite me, though I'm sure the inevitable epic reveal will change my feelings.

With the volume of testing work I've had increasing exponentially this year, I've actually already played a few of the games I otherwise would've been excited to hear more on. Not that I'm complaining.
I quite liked Mirrors Edge despite its many flaws. I'm hoping the next one is bigger and better. Crackdown too, the first one anyway. I only played the demo of the second one and I didn't care for it.

What's happened to Quantum Break? It looked quite decent and then got delayed forever.
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