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The Indefinite E3 Thread for Every Year Forever and Ever
By the sounds of it they delayed it to meet people's expectations. I'm still excited for it but Remedy made a big song and dance last year so I doubt we will see much more this year.

I never heard anything concrete about RDR? Doesn't excite me too much anyway. Capcom might show off the DMC4 re - release but they are just making a point of flogging dead horses at the moment it feels like. Would really like a DmC 2.

We'll probably doing se editorial on what our predictions are but my biggest hope is that Microsoft's unannounced new IP is actually new.

Plus I'd like to see more Crackdown.
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Something niggling me about the Bethesda conference - they surely wouldn't call a conference for just one game, even as big as Fallout is? Undoubtedly they'll plug the console versions of TES:O, but i wonder if there'll be a sneaky reveal or two there? They had a few other projects on the go and I believe Dishonored was enough of a success that a sequel seems nailed on?

Curious to see what Konami being shitbags means for my beloved PES too - only seen rumour and speculation so far.

Good call with Crackdown, had forgotten that little beastie completely but will be all over it like a rash!

Wonder if Obsidian will surprise us and say 'lo, behold - here comes a console port of Pillars of Eternity'? Doubt it though, Obsidian are already working on the expansion, ho-hum. I do really want something to fill the Mass Effect shaped hole in my life right now too.
PES Pachinko machines no doubt. ;-)
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Bethesda are revealing doom, everyone is expecting fo4 but it might not even turn up, could be just some info on dishonoured, eso, wolfenstein (a lot of traction with the ip atm).

Of course, we're 99% sure fallout will arrive, but 1% of mr thinks it could be a new bethesda ip.
...and if you tell that to the kids of today, they wont believe you!
I think Fallout 4 and Doom will be the main focus and that'll be more than enough to carry their conference. Anything on ESO, a new Wolfenstein, Dishonoured, Evil Within - whatever - will just be icing on the cake. Nothing to worry about with that conference in my mind.

Same with Square Enix. I really don't think either would go to the effort of breaking from the norm and spending the money on holding their own conference if they didn't have stuff worth showing.
Hopefully sam.

Just thought. State of Decay. They have been working on class 4 for ages now, class 3 is SoD, the next is supposed to be a coop or mmo version of SoD. Might be time for a revealeroony.
...and if you tell that to the kids of today, they wont believe you!
Along with Halo 5 and a new gears game Im most looking forward to seeing Dishonored, the new Fallout, Doom, Deus Ex and some kind of Mass Effect teaser.

Maybe Square Enix will announce a FF15 release date (still a bit wary of it after the demo, which ive read is going to be getting a patch). Wouldnt mind seeing a bit of Star Ocean 5 either.

After a year of not many great or exciting games is anyone else going into this years E3 with their bullsh*t detector set to maximum?
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The FF XV demo patch is interesting it looks like Square Enix is taking feedback and tweaking the demo according to said feedback. I think it might be a good indication that at least one company might actually want a good business relationship with their customers.
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Every time Rei smiles God kills a kitten.
Adding to earlier email, would also like to see something on Dead Island 2 (not ashamed to admit I liked the first and I hope the Spec Ops developer guys can make it even better - trailer was pretty cool!). Assassins Creed Syndicate, Just Cause 3 and Mad Max gameplay would also be appreciated. Maybe Scalebound? Colour me intrigued on that one.
Can probably expect to see JC3 and Mad Max at the Square conference.

Agree that more on Scalebound would be good, especially considering Ken Lobb's potential game of all-time comment.

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