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Gears of War
(09-05-2015, 02:33 PM)Slam Shot Sam Wrote:
(09-05-2015, 11:36 AM)ImmaturityRules Wrote: Agreed, except for that f***ing Brumak that took me over an hour to kill. RAAM was a joke compared to that, he killed me exactly once.

Really? I'd never fought the Brumak before having only played on 360 and it was a breeze, did it first time. Raam took a few tries.

I'd never fought it either but it'd just run forward, one-shot Dom and then mow me down or bomb me through the cover every time. I only killed it because Dom finally grew a brain and got into cover, keeping it distracted long enough for me to target its guns, shoot it in the feet and then kill the driver.

RAAM was easy, I just got rid of his Kryll shield with the Torque Bow and then got head shots with my sniper rifle. I only died the first time because I was stood in the dark and the Kryll got me.
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Not really played a lot of the campaign but loving the multiplayer. Up to level 26 at the minute so not too high (Only really play social) 2 piece seems towned down and you can actually kill someone after they have melleed you, which is cool I think. Rest of it is just as epic as always, along with Halo the best multiplayer on console in my opinion, popping heads with the longshot will never get old
I played a lot of multiplayer for the 2x XP over the weekend and went from level 1 - 32. I thoroughly enjoyed it when it worked, but there was the occasional rage inducing moment:

Shooting someone in the back point-blank with the Gnasher for it to do nothing and they turn around, return the favour and gib you.

Getting headshotted by a Gnasher from miles away, or killed by someone who isn't even facing you.

The Boomshot occasionally didn't work, it'd literally do nothing when someone was hit with it.

Sticking people with the Torque Bow wouldn't kill them on occasion.

Don't know if there were connection issues or what, but things were way off in a lot of games. Then I played A LOT of the original and it had some of the same issues.
Not had any issues with lag or connections - Probably the most stable launch I have ever seen. According to the game my ping is 8ms which is phenomenal (usually its anywhere from 10-32ms) I have to admit the gnasher seems to get a lot of headshots from a long way away! usually its by me so it is not an issue! I hate the spawn shield aswel, when your playing team death match and they spawn behind you and you cant hurt them.....yeah that kinda gets annoying. Game is brilliant though, graphics are much better than I thought they would be aswel! Sound is awesome on surround sound system
I'm obviously not alone in my Gnasher issues, as The Coalition have thankfully acknowledged the weapon's inconsistency and are working to fix it.
Anyone up for horde on gears 3?
...and if you tell that to the kids of today, they wont believe you!
I bought gears forxbox one pre owned last week,does anyone no if I will get all the others and how I will get them.I don't mind if not but I can't find an answer anywhere for this.
Hey Factured. Seem to recall it was a pre-order bonus, or at least it had to be played before a certain date, and then you were sent the codes to get the backwards compatible games.
Cheers for that ,it has to be played before Dec 31st.
Maybe this has been confirmed already and i missed it but the main character for Gears 4 will be Marcus Fenixs son. according to a video game informer posted on tubetube and it sounds like most of the game takes place over one night
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