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Gears of War
I know what you mean about it kinda feeling the same but I love gears so that's a good thing for me. Just watched the trailer on Eurogamer as I missed the live thing. I like how they have went back to kind of like a dark, gritty, horror tone....That is what I put as number 1 on the survey thing they sent out, so I am buzzing
I've been sent a second beta key. Anybody want it?
Yes please, Sam.

I too like the focus on horror elements, I just expected a bit more from a new team, look at Halo 4 compared to 3, reach etc, it's quite different but the same at the core. Suppose it did split critics though, aint broke don't fix?
...and if you tell that to the kids of today, they wont believe you!
Should be in your inbox.
Beta codes for Gears here. Obviously first to redeem them gets them!



I just haven't the time to get on this, so knock yourselves out Smile
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The website said you need one code to download it and another code to access it, is this right? I may have a spare code but I'm not sure.
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No idea about the beta, but that gameplay spot did look impressive. Very creepy. Interesting that "of War" got dropped though. Admittedly saying Gears of War 4 sounds a bit Dr Seuss-esque but is it, or is it not, something more? Who knows. It's post-E3 and random speculation is all the rage.
I don't want your damn lemons!
The beta bought back good memory's ,not a lot of chat or banter going on.Gameplay wise very smooth indeed,needs to be cheap though.
I only played one match in the beta, I forgot that multiplayer was all roll-roll-shotgun. I would possibly get it but only to co-op the story.
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So MS are giving digital copies of all four 360 Gears games to anyone who plays Gears Ultimate before the New Year. This is pretty nice even though I've got Judgment and 3 from GwG. I skipped Gears 1 when it was GwG because I didn't have much HDD space back then, and they haven't offered 2 yet (and probably won't for a while because of this). Hope they figure out how to use DLC in BC games before long to get the full multiplayer experience.

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