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This game has created an odd review situation, because frankly a majority of the reviews for it basically state that it's not very fun and isn't all that good as a game, buuut at the same time seem desperate to heap praise on it, like they're terrified of being the one to say Kojima made something not very good. No one is willing to call the turd a turd Tongue
Presuming that’s a Kojima quote there’s obviously some disconnect there. I’ve avoided pretty much all info on the game so I can go in still not knowing what Death Stranding is all about, but having been privy to some of Chandler’s (author of the PlayStation LifeStyle review) discussion on the game I gather it’s a similar situation to Red Dead Redemption 2. Lots of plodding elements in aid of immersion, coming at the cost of maintaining a totally engaging gameplay loop.

I actually quite liked that in RDR2, so we’ll see if the same goes for DS after I’ve played some next week. Also, for added context, Chandler mentioned he doesn’t equate not being “fun” with being bad; lots of the best films, books, etc. aren’t considered remotely fun, for example.
That is true, things don't need to be fun to be good/quality (see: Joker), but reading reviews for this there is a sense that as a game it really just isn't very good, but again people seem to be taking the negative points and trying to twist them into hidden meanings or praise.

(Actually just noticed GiantBomb gave it 2/5, so that's one lol).
I've always got the impression Kojima wants to make movies, not games. He seems to have cast off the pretence here by developing a game that would probably work better as a Netflix or movie series.
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He’s actually gone on record as saying that Kojima Productions might make films next.

Anyway, I played several hours today and like it a lot so far. I can see that it might get frustrating if delivery consignments continually get bigger - maybe a little repetitive, too - but narratively and presentationally I’m finding it fascinating.

Gameplay is bravely basic, mostly focused on traversal that’s a mix of Red Dead Redemption 2 and Breath of the Wild with occasional stealth thrown in. As above, I’m not certain it’s completely sustainable though I’m sure more elements will be introduced over time.

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