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Weird and Wonderful Stuff
Thought we needed one of these. Real stuff that is amazing, strange, weird, wonderful and true.

Not far from us is a Garden Centre which has a (very busy) clothing section. A pair of Robins have set up home in a HAT on display in that section and produced a brood.
Formerly a human being, now closer to the six million dollar man.
Time to revive this old thread.

I went to see The Circus of Horrors on Saturday night and it was pretty great. It’s essentially an original rock show with lots of pyrotechnics, where the music kinda carries a narrative performed by old school circus and freak show acts.

There was an insanely good contortionist, a sword swallower, a trapeze artist that swings from her hair, blood spraying into the audience as throats were were slit and legs were cut off. Genuinely very funny in places and gross out in others.

The naked dwarf was a highlight: swung a cannonball from his balls, dragged a hoover attached to his willy around the stage, lit fires and lightbulbs by being electrocuted, proceeded to smash a lightbulb over his head and eat the shards of glass...

Not for everyone - like the women behind me complaining about bondage/nudity - but I loved it. Met some of the performers after as well and they’re good fun.
That sounds absolutely insane, good it was fun though - i have considered it in the past.
I’d recommend it if you get the chance. Could be worth checking out the remaining tour dates to see if they’re in your area; I literally just had to go 10 minutes up the road as they’re doing theatres as well as arenas.
Those guys came to Sunderland not too long ago and everyone raved about it. I had no idea what it was at the time and missed out!
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