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Technology: What should I buy? & Top tips
On another note, I just hooked myself up with a Chromebook Tongue
Hi Jam. Just checking if you're still happy with the HP? My laptop has died (admittedly I may have assisted) and need to replace it. Loking on the John Lewis site and the Envy sounds pretty good from the specs.
Hey, yeah I would say that it's really met my expectations, exceeded them in some ways. I went for the 12gigs of ram 17inch version and it feels massive compared to the 15inch HP I had before and the 15inch macbook pro I use at work but as soon as you get over that the extra screen size makes a lot of difference, particularly for video editing. Performance wise I haven't noticed any lag or slowdown really even when making it multitask and there isn't too much HP bloatware popping up to annoy you (it wants me to sign up for Dropbox and there's a few other bits but not much). The touch ID fingerprint unlock is a nice little time saver I never realised would be useful and the screen performs well with streaming and suchlike. Another thing which impressed me is that it's quiet, the fan only gets animated when you're doing intensive things and even then it's fairly mild, obviously more noisy than apple but you know, get what you pay for.

Generally I'd give it a thorough thumbs up.
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Just received the HP and I have to say it is a pretty nice piece of kit! The fingerprint reader and "control zone" are a little awkward at first but definitely thanks for the recommendation Jam! Way more powerful with 1TB memory and 16GB of RAM than suspect I'll need but, well, it's super fast so who cares.
So my Sky supplied router decided it didn't want to live any more and packed it in last night. As it turned out the constant random reboots we've been experiencing, a problem Sky thought was a 'line fault' (bollocks), was actually a power fault.

It overheated, so much that it's melted the plastic inside. It's a good thing it never happened after I went to bed, otherwise it might have caused a hazard.

Anyway, instead of going through all the shit with Sky just to get a replacement, I bought a new router this morning. It's a Netgear N600, cost me about £70. It works reasonably well, better than the Sky Hub 2 that's for sure.

Bit of a hassle getting it working and having an open NAT on the One, but at least I'm not without the internet for the next few days.

The NAT issue was resolved by turning both the router and Xbox off and on again. Another problem that age old trick has solved.
If it's anything like mine (BT Home Hub 5), the NAT will continue to revert to moderate and there's no real fix. Having another Xbox on the network, be it 360 or One, can cause these problems.

Try the fix I use and if it works you won't even need to get up. Go to Settings > Network > Test multiplayer connection and hold LT+LB+RT+RB during the test. You'll get a different results screen when the test ends that will detail your NAT problem (mine says "Behind a restrictive cone NAT") and should fix it for you. Until it buggers up again that is and you repeat the process.
So I need a new phone. Looking for something in the £10 a month range (probably on tesco (so O2) as I've had reliably good connection at home with them). Don't need anything mega.

Currently have a Windows phone, which I like (phone itself aint great) though the lack of customisation (eg. no home image) is a shame. Considering a possible move to Android, as the visual style is nice and they seem easy to use - however WP 10 is on the way soon, also xbox intergration.

There's the Lumia stuff, though several of them lack flash, front cameras and good screens - the 640 costs a little more but has all of those things. The Motorola Moto G and E look nice, and then of courses there's the super common Samsung phones.
Some things to do to get an open NAT, Google is your friend for the specifics:

Assign a static IP address to the Xbox, and then use your router settings to put that IP into a DMZ.
Forward the Xbox One Live ports for the IP address from the previous step. I can't remember them all off the top of my head but be warned, there's a couple of One-specific extra ports, so don't just use the 360 list.
Set your router to prioritise gaming traffic.

I did all this and my NAT has been open constantly for over a fortnight. Still doesn't help with MKX's shitty netcode, but at least it's done.
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All things I've done in the past, but having two Xbox consoles on the network borks it. If I factory reset, do as you said and only use the One it's all fine and dandy - as soon as I turn the 360 on everything goes out of the window.
I haven't had that problem. I don't use my 360 a lot any more, but I did switch it on to download Just Cause 2 the other day and it didn't break anything.
GameFAQs users are 80% trolls and 19% stupid. - hyjinx17

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