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TV Shows!
The Voice, getting annoyed as normal. They turn for round frankly average singers every week yet a quality opera singer only has Will turn round, sadly I suspect it's because the others know he can't be sold commericially.
Well Joe McEldry won XFactor and I'm pretty sure he does opera now. Olly Murs came second to him though.
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Just watching Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol again, picked it up on Blu Ray for £2.50 before Christmas. It's a good romp and the stunts are great.
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(02-14-2015, 08:24 PM)Max Wrote: Well Joe McEldry won XFactor and I'm pretty sure he does opera now. Olly Murs came second to him though.

Heh, kinda answers my point - he does opera now, after he's been dropped and mostly forgotten about lol
Half way through Sleepy Hollow season one. Surprisingly good! Sandman is definitely one of the creepier TV antagonists that I've seen.
Been working my way through season one of Falling Skies as I brought 2 and 3 for a tenner each. Watched season 1 when it was on TV and really enjoyed it, but never got round to following it after that.
Watching Fargo TV series and have been following Better Caul Saul as well, I think I'm enjoying the latter more than Breaking Bad's early seasons, which is a good sign.

Fargo I'm enjoying, took a while in the first ep to get over Martin Freeman's American accent. Billy Bob Thornton is excellent.
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Watching the Musketeers, certainly has a sexier villain this season.
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Every time Rei smiles God kills a kitten.
Sexier than Peter Capaldi? Pffft.

Missing the last couple of episodes of Musketeers, must catch up on those.
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Down to the last couple of episodes of Season 2 of Arrow. Good stuff, but the writing is occasionally eye-rolling bad.

Also, is it just me, or is Manu Bennett, who plays Slade Wilson, the perfect man to play Kano in a new Mortal Kombat movie?

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