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Forza Motorsport
Make sure you 'purchase' it while it's free, then you can go through it whenever you like. Feels wrong to call it a standalone 'expansion' tho - it's either a long demo, or FH2 Lite, depending on your point of view. No tunes, upgrades or liveries, and a rather linear storyline that belies the free-roaming nature of the game. And those achievements! All can be done in three hours... why they couldn't have kept with the ones for bucket list challenges, bonus boards and road discovery is beyond me, frankly.

As an intro into how much fun FH2 can be, it's good; as a giant advert for F&F7, it works as well (and I'll be happy if more movie-marketing money went into gaming). But, if you don't get it when it's free, then it's not worth the £7.99 it'll be afterwards, imo.
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Mines downloaded.. just want to try the storm island dlc before this one, I purchased it the first week it came out but then didn't play on forza horizon 2 again until now. My son is a huge fast and furious fan and forza fan and he loves it though he did say it was light on content, still a great deal for free though.
Its downloaded and on my stuff to play list but there is a lot on that list right now.
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I started F&F this morning. 5 minutes in and 100GP! I did like the supercharger on the Charger it look awesome Big Grin I'm pleased it free as I probably wouldn't have bought it. I found Horizon 2 a bit boring in comparison to previous Forza titles.
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See I find forza 5 boring in comparison to horizon 2.. there is tons of stuff to do in horizon 2!
I really enjoyed Horizon but the second one got a bit to silly for me. Open world Forza is a great concept but they took to much of the realism out of it for my liking.
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So the Forza 6 trailer is here, and the obvious big points are the weather and night effects, however what interests me is the short end clip in which the tyre pile explodes as it gets hit - will Forza finally have a proper physics/damage model?
Couple of free Porsches available on the Forza hub, limited time offer
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How many of us own Horizon 2? Might be a nice break from other games if we can round up a few of us.

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