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100% Complete Games
Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and Korgan added.

Fallen Order was good, though just short of great in my opinion. Pulls from a lot of inspirations while not matching or surpassing any of them.

Korgan is a throughly mediocre ARPG that’s free and can be completed in about an hour.
An hour seems awfully short, even for a free game.
[Image: MQE3xPD.png]
I'm glad it didn't take any longer...

Added Wandersong. A nice recent addition to Game Pass, easy completion that can be done in about 40 minutes with a level select cheat. I opted to play it fully instead; it has some nice themes and mechanics, plus it still only takes about six hours.
Untitled Goose Game added. Charming and amusing little game that’s on Game Pass and an easy completion.

That being said, I do think adding speedrun achievements runs counter to everything that makes the game fun.
Life is Strange 2 and GTA: San Andreas added.

LiS 2 didn’t reach the happiest of endings for me, but was more realistic as is. Enjoyed it on the whole and nice to see it launching episodically on Game Pass.

Since new releases are quiet to nonexistent at the moment, I also played the 360 version of San Andrea via back compat. Still an excellent game that holds up well.
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. Relatively straightforward to complete, but takes a fair few hours. Quite fun, although a little irritating at times.
Saints Row IV: Re-Elected added. After finishing San Andreas I wanted to play something similar-ish, though it doesn’t really hold a candle to it. Would actually say it’s aged worse, despite being years newer.

Edit: Also, I hate that there’s an achievement for playing for 40 hours. I had 100% in the main game and all DLC after 22 hours, so just had to leave it idling for a further 18.
Caretaker completed. Actually fairly easy, but a pretty terrible game!
Bleeding Edge added. Easy completion that took around 6 to 8 hours.

Kinda like a third-person Overwatch with some MOBA elements thrown in; definitely my kind of thing, though not brilliantly executed in places.

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