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Gameplay is my biggest issue with Fallen Order. Doesn’t pull off 3D metroidvania as well as recent stuff like Tomb Raider and God of War, then the combat feels mushy and is easily exploitable. Sekiro is probably the closest thing in terms of combat mechanics, but Fallen Order falls well short by comparison.

Still enjoying it for the most part, though.
Jam's review of Fallen Order.
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Finished Knack this morning.

Despite enjoying these types of games, I struggled to really enjoy this one. The graphics were incredibly pretty and the story was engaging throughout. The rest of the game, like enemy/level design felt a tad too basic for my liking.

I got the £4 I paid out of it at least.
Did you play on hard difficulty? That was key to enjoying Knack for me.

Knack 2 is far better, anyway. A genuinely good action-platformer without all the caveats that go with the original.
Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire - Ultimate Edition.
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Quite fancy the Pillars games. Especially if turn-based can be turned-off.
Just to give an example of how bad it is, one particular fight took me close to 45 minutes using turn-based. On my second run, I cleared that entire map in around 20 minutes. It was fun, but far too slow.
[Image: MQE3xPD.png]
Finished off Halo Reach the other day. 

Hands-down the best Halo campaign and possibly one of the best in games overall. Some great battles, and for what is essentially a fire and forget ensemble the cast are some of the most memorable in the franchise, even Noble Six, who doesn't have much to say.

I played through it on Heroic and it's still bloody tough in some places. No idea how I managed to complete a Legendary playthrough back on the 360.

The only annoyance was not being able to customise your Spartan, as all the unlocks are now tucked away in some battle pass-like progression system that doesn't seem to reward campaign playthroughs, only multiplayer matches.
Finally finished Breath of The wild...and in my opinion...its the most overrated, boring and the worst Zelda game ever.


I played around 55 hours and there are so many thing wrong with this game...the story sucks...The best parts of the story happened before the game begins. The discovery of the guardians, Ganons appearance, Travelling with Princess Zelda, meeting the champions...the story would have been so much better had we actually got to play these parts of the game. We have absolutely zero attachment to any of the champions who died, we barely care about zelda.

We should have played the events set 100 years before the actual game starts as a fully powered up link, max stamina, all hearts, all of the traditional equipment (hylian shield, master sword etc). it could have acted as the tutorial for the game with the final test being to fight alongside Zelda at Hyrule castle as the Devine beasts are being defeated around you.

Then the game can pick up where the actual game begins in the shrine of resurrection as a depowered Link. Collecting memories could have still been effective to build on the already established relationships with the champions and build much needed character depth.

it would have given more urgency to defeat ganon and save Zelda who is still fighting all this time...something you never actually get to see in the game.

The gameplay is terrible...combat is so basic and isnt helped at all by the ridiculous weapon breaking system, this is probably the main thing that killed the game for me. If the devs wanted to force us to mix up our combat strategy there was better ways to do it.

We could have had to keep different weapons for different mounted enemies couild have been weak to spears, heavy enemies weak to greatswords, nimble enemies requiring daggers and so on...instead we get weapons that look pretty cool but break after very limited use...its so infuriating and makes you not want to use good weapons or completely avoid combat all together.

Enemy variation is broken down to different coloured versions of the same enemy youve been fighting the whole game...which gets boring very quickly.
The Dungeon bosses require absolutely no strategy to defeat at all, and they are incredibly easy to defeat, they also look the same. I only beat 3 of the 4 devine beats beofre I had enough and decided to venture into hyrule castle and complete the game.

Cooking is a chore in this game...stand about mixing collected items and cooking them to see if you can successfully create enough health restoration items to survive the most basic of encounters with enemies.

Sidequests are rendered pointless by the pathetic rewards due to all health and stamina upgrades being locked away in shrines, meaning rewards are a bundle of arrows or some ruppees.

Dungeons...are non existent. The devine beast are laughable and can be completed in about 15 minutes if youve ever played a zelda game before.

The music is also nonexistent...where are the nostalgic classic zelda themes.

This game feels very much like the devs were chasing trends from other popular games and just merged them together (towers to unlock the map, crafting/survival mechanics,weapon degradation). Its like they took everything that made a Zelda game and decided not to use it.

I think this is actually a step backwards for the Zelda franchise...I bought a switch for this game and its been nothing but a disapointment.

Im still interested to see what happens with the sequel but It will most definitley not be day one purchase for me.

I have now traded Breath of the wild in and got Dragon quest 11, which is a far superior experience.
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