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Playstation Now - Hetty - 08-11-2015

Has anyone used this yet? Like the idea behind it and I can see the appeal, but there doesn't seem to be much available yet. Certainly nothing I'm interested in (was hoping for Ni No Kuni...)

Be interested to hear if anyone else has used it yet how well it works.

RE: Playstation Now - Slam Shot Sam - 08-11-2015

Heard it works fine, but never used it myself. Having a PS3 makes it pretty much redundant.

RE: Playstation Now - Heavyarms_Kai - 08-11-2015

Haven't bothered because of the prices, that and ps3 streaming is awful.

RE: Playstation Now - PTC l1am - 08-23-2016

PS Now is coming to PC.

RE: Playstation Now - PTC Crisco - 07-06-2017

PS4 games have been added to PlayStation Now. 50 at the minute with more to follow.

RE: Playstation Now - TippiestRook - 07-07-2017

When are they going to add this for Ireland, I don't get how it could take them so long.

RE: Playstation Now - PTC l1am - 10-02-2019

PlayStation Now is getting a price cut and big new games (at least for a while) in the form of GTA V, Uncharted 4, God of War and Infamous Second Son.

RE: Playstation Now - Heavyarms_Kai - 10-05-2019

It seems to be trying to compete with game pass but that just highlights the services weaknesses. PS3 titles are streaming only. The "marquee" titles being temporary, especially those that are first party, zero PS1 titles and the PS2 games only being those available on ps4. It's still so weak.

RE: Playstation Now - PTC l1am - 10-08-2019

It does seem like a fairly limp effort to compete with Game Pass, I agree. Maybe they're saving day-one first-party titles for the PS5.